About Us

Open Learning Center- OLC


OLC is one of AL-Quds Open university educational/technical centers, which was established in 2008 to achieve several goals, including: raising staff competencies in open learning and eLearning in line with ongoing development in the educational/ learning process, enhancing education with ICT, dissemination of Open Education Philosophy and blended learning, development of eLearning environments in collaboration with university departments and centers, and the application of educational best practices according to the quality standards of open education as well as effective blended learning.


In OLC we provide eLearning and eTraining anyplace, anywhere, and anytime for QOU students, QOU faculty members and social community. We use the experience of subject matter experts, and Instructional Designers, working as a team to bring eLearning to workspace and create eLearning that adjust itself to stakeholders.

We focus on facilitating Learning and Training conditions, to create an excellence long-life success stories in both Learning and Training.

  We are a Center that delivers an excellent and innovative service to our stakeholders, unique interactive courses and unique techniques are what we are passionate about.

Excellence in teaching methods and modern training.


Become the leading eLearning and e-Training centre in the region while offering cutting edge all learning and training solutions technology interactive courses at reasonable prices.



A variety of learning and training strategies are used; a combination of online synchronous and asynchronous and face- to- face: brainstorming, problem solving, group work, case study ...). We offer:

  • Self-training programs that allow the freedom of choosing time and place of training, considering self-assessment procedure. These are asynchronous programs based on self-learning to promote a culture of eLearning and student- centered learning which can be either online or offline.
  • Fully virtual training.
  • Blended programs that integrate the use of modern technologies through the use of virtual classes meeting and face- to- face training.
  • Workshops based on face-to-face training determined by the nature of the program.
  • MOOC’s Training courses.